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This link will explore the wacky world of full-body costumes, sometimes referred to as "fursuits." I'll have pictures and descriptions of my own costume, "Tim Kangaroo," along with other anecdotes, stories and fun relating to this rather unusual hobby.

But, for now, feel free to explore the following:


In early 1993 a controversy erupted over the cartoon mascot of Sally's Saloon, a bar in Minneapolis located near the University of Minnesota. The mascot, the curvacious Sally Chipmunk, was decried as sexist and and an offensive stereotype, and the bar owners eventually had the character re-designed. Below are some rare photographs of the original Sally, "before" and "after" artwork of Sally, and an article about the controversy from the University of Minnesota's newspaper, the Minnesota Daily.

Sally (awning), color J-Peg, 72k.

Sally (window), color J-Peg, 77k.

Sally, before & after, B&W GIF, 8k.

Sally article.

Oh, no! It's an RL picture of Tim! Run away! :)

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