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Welcome to the latest additon to my homepage -- Tim's Ter-ROO-fic TM Web Site. This is where I pick out from all the thousands of homepages I browse the sites that I think are especially fun, interesting, or downright neat. For a list of my favorite cartoon and entertainment-related sites be sure to check out my Toons page.

Ter-ROO-fic site(s): Video Games & Emulators

If you're like me, then you probably spent a good deal of your mis-spent youth playing video games. My first experience with these quarter-devouring demons came in 1971, when I discovered a game called Computer Space. But my real infatuation came in 1982, when a combination of technology, economics and the phenominal popularity of games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, led to an explosion of new videogames. Video arcades cropped up everywhere, almost overnight, and were an irresitible lure.

Sadly, almost as quickly as this "boom" began, the video arcade scene went bust, despite infusions of new technologies and games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Nowadays, most arcade games are racing simulators or clones of Street Fighter II -- fun, but they lack the goofy charm of, say, Jungle King or Dig-Dug. And, tragically, because the technology became obsolete so quickly, many of these games were threatened with extinction -- consigned to scrap heaps and junkyards. (A few years ago an article appeared in Time magazine detailing the vanashing legacy of these early video games.)

But now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, these games can live once again -- on your PC! Several clever and creative programmers have developed Emulators -- programs that can allow your PC to run the original arcade videogames, including personal favorites like Pengo, Kangaroo, and my all-time fave, Mr. DO! The Ter-ROO-fic sites below feature information and shareware for these "classic" arcade game Emulators. Enjoy!

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