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03/03/30: AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE by Mark Morford (SF Chronicle) -- PLEASE READ!

03/01/09: NITWITS
02/11/04: A Vote for Republicans is a Vote for War
02/08/10: NO WAR ON IRAQ!

"Truth is the First Casualty of War"

They say that -- but we don't have to accept it. This page is dedicated to seeking out the Truth; to pull down the veil of lies that hide the war machine.

This page started out as a collection of links and articles about NATO agression in the Balkans (you can see the old page, HERE). I've changed the focus to cover the recent terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Israeli violence in Palestine and the seemingly invevitible war against Iraq. If politics, especially international politics, doesn't interest you, then hit the BACK button now.

This page is very much under construction, so please check back for updates.

This page isn't going to be very flashy or pretty, but then neither is violence, whether it is perpetrated against us or in our name. The murderous terrorist attacks on our country are now used to justify increasing restrictions on our civil liberties. It has aslo given the green light to Congress and our "nearly-elected" President to respond with thuggish brutality of their own. There are a few who resist this headlong descent into murder and madness, like the courageous House member Barbara Lee who was the only member of Congress with the backbone to denouce acts of terror committed against American working men and women, while at the same time refusing to grant Junior Bush nearly unlimited powers to wage war on the world. Those of us who stand with Rep. Lee must also make our voices heard.

Feel free to copy, reprint and/or distribute anything you find on the links, below. All I ask is that you credit the authors.

Timmy Ramone

"A bayonette is a weapon with a worker on both ends."
-Leon Trotsky

TUESDAY 11/5: A Vote for Republicans is a Vote for War

Scouring the web for news, I came across this interesting item from Alter.net:

Once again, the Republicans manage to find a new low. Not only does Hyde show his utter disregard for the democratic process in Venezuela and Brazil, but also his rank hypocrisy: In the 1980's Hyde, when he wasn't fooling around with his staff secretary, was a cheerleader for one of the biggest terrorist operations in history, namely Ronald Reagan's proxy was against the government and people of Nicaragua. That crooked little "enterprise" that cost the lives of some 50,000 Nicaraguans.

Hyde is a truly contemptible character, but not at all out of line with the current thinking (if it can be called that) prevailing in the ranks of the Republican Party. Hyde would have the people of these (and other) nations suffer under military dictatorships, rather than allow them to freely elect governments that aren't ready to bow down to Washington's dictates. These same attitudes prevailed when another democratically elected Latin American leader, Salvadore Allende, was violently deposed by General Augusto Pinochet, who led a murderous dictatorship crafted and supported by Hyde's fellow Republicans, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Then again, we can't expect Hyde and his ilk to respect democratic principles while an illegally installed Republican serves as U.S. President.

Normally, I avoid strictly partisan endorsements, since quite often the Democrats differ from Republicans only by degree and not by substance. But with the illegitimate regime of George W. Bush poised to wage war on the people of Iraq, it is critically important to impede Junior's battle plans in any way possible. A Republican-controlled Congress assures war. Even if the Democrats win control of one or both Houses of Congress, they may not be able to stop war at this point. But they might be able to hold those responsible accountable for what is likely to be a long and disastrous Middle-East conflict.

So when you go to vote tomorrow, remember this: Regime change begins at home!



Maybe a new Gulf War will turn out like the last one: Quick and relatively bloodless (at least for the U.S.). Somehow, though, I don't think that will be the case. I doubt that the forces of Saddam Hussein can withstand an all-out attack by our goverment; indeed, I doubt there is anything that could stand up to the largest war machine in history. But as Noam Chomsky pointed out, the results of resorting to violence are always unpredictable, at best. So while the Iraqi government may fall, the violent aftermath has a great potential to linger and to spread to other regions.

In addition to IndyMedia (see below), here are other excellent sources of information:


Minnesota Anti-War Committee

BuzzFlash News

"...keep an eye on the stock market over the months ahead... It may be the best indicator of if and when this insane campaign against Iraq is launched." [MORE...]


LONDON, England, Aug 6, 2002 -- Senior church leaders have added to the opposition in Britain against an attack on Iraq, saying it would be "immoral and illegal."

More than 2,500 groups and individuals, from leading churchmen to theologians and ordinary church members of different denominations, signed the petition condemning an attack.

"It is deplorable that the world's most powerful nations continue to regard war and the threat of war as an acceptable instrument of foreign policy, in violation of the ethos of both the United Nations and Christian moral teaching," said the petition, organised by the Catholic group Pax Christi.

Target Iraq: U.S. Plans for Major War on Iraq

"If there ever was a time for Constructive Dissent, it's now..."

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